Opportunities at Namrata J Shah Associates
  • Are you passionate?

    We invite applicants to understand our organization and what entails being a part of our firm. Namrata J Shah Associates has set distinct standards and benchmarks in the area of firm management. We have attempted at aligning our policies, processes and practices with our internal value system, mission statement and vision for the coming years.

    As a firm, we are keen on retaining people that are in sync with our firm's energy. Our selection process is based on metrics that go beyond academia and work-experience. A cultural fit along with a desire to knowledge share, are platforms we strongly consider before accepting a candidate for a full-time position. Besides that, applicants are graded on meritocracy, good-writing skills, technical proficiency and professional credentials.

    Creativity and discipline are at the forefront of our practice. We believe in brain count versus a headcount and are conservative about mindless scaling.

    So, if you are driven by exceptional quality and the challenge of excellence, and willing to go the extra mile to get there; and if you are a leader at heart and a winner in spirit, looking to build a career of impact, thought leadership and responsibility, but by living the highest ideals of the legal profession, then Namrata J Shah Associates is where you belong!

  • Recruiting at Namrata J Shah Associates

    Criterions for hiring

    • Open-mindedness
    • Innovation and taking on initiatives
    • Passionate about learning
    • Knowledge sharing, client satisfaction
    • Dedicated to work ethic
    • Associates with extensive experience
    • Research and Analytical skills
    • Communication skills
    • Team spirit
    • Commitment
    • Discipline
    • Leadership potential
    • Attitude to excel
  • Campus Connect

    We are particularly committed to the cause of education and learning. In many formal and informal ways, we cultivate and connect with legal and management institutions.
    Through our internship and hiring programs, we have established close ties with institutions and the student community. Our emphasis though, has primarily been to spread knowledge and right professional skills and perspective to as many students and campuses that we can reach.

  • Career at Namrata J Shah Associates

    Come and join us.

    We invite you to get to know us better and understand what being a member of Namrata J Shah Associates is all about.

    Our firm chooses to be distinctly different in many ways – so working at Namrata J Shah Associates is indeed a path and experience that stands apart. As a firm, we take care to align our internal policies, processes and practices with our mission, vision and values. Our people too tend to think, act, interact, behave and work in ways that underline our philosophy, strategic intent, system, and culture.

    We offer opportunities to experienced professionals and students as well.

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